Workshop: Product & Requirements Management

Workshop: Product & Requirements Management

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About workshop

One of the main reasons for product failure is lack of an effective product management process and structure in place. Companies without a structured product management process will quickly face the “slippery slope” of dealing with wrong investments in the wrong products, leading to small or no ROI, delays in investment payback, inability to address competition in a timely manner and overall difficulty in growing the company.

Product management is currently one of the most sought after professions in high-tech companies. The area requires leadership qualities, technological know-how, marketing knowledge, and involves a great deal of responsibility and professionalism.

This course is divided into 2 parts:

  • June 8-10 – theoretical part
    Overall Product Management training: this part covers the two main specializations: product management and product marketing management. The materials include detailed product management methodology, strategy building and case studies from years of field experience.
  • June 13-14 – practical part
    Requirements management: the most critical and valuable part of product management is articulating market (problem space – the customer’s needs) and product (solution space – product capabilities) requirements. This part is a hands-on workshop covering the entire process of defining and documenting all types of requirements.

Product Management Role
The product manager is the company’s expert in the product and represents the demands of the market and customers to the development team.

Product management specializes in the product itself. It includes responsibility for the definition of new and existing products, management of product requirements, specifications and definition of its features, based on the needs of the market and the customers, covering the entire evolvement plan of the product, during time.

The course covers topics like:

  • Function and role of the product manager
  • Product strategy definition
  •  Product Planning process
  • Product Requirements Management
  • Working with Sales and Development
  • The Voice of the customer
  • Positioning
  • More…

Product Marketing Management Role

Product marketing management specializes in the marketing aspects of the product. It includes, in the inbound part, responsibility for identifying market opportunities, understanding market trends and needs and competition. On the outbound part it covers creating market awareness and deals with product positioning, market planning, methods of product distribution, cooperative agreements with other companies, and the training of marketing and sales personnel in marketing topics related to the product.

The course covers topics like:

  • Function and role of the product marketing manager
  • Market Analysis and Business Case
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Requirements Management
  • Market and product launch plans
  • Lead generation
  • Development of personal skills
  • More…

For whom:

The course is intended for:

1. Software experts that need to deal with product management experts and understand/articulate market & product requirements

2. Product marketing managers and product managers in the high-tech area who desire to enrich their professional knowledge and bring themselves up to date on advanced tools and methods

3. People who intend to retrain for high-tech product marketing management and are interested in acquiring the relevant knowledge in the field

4. Professionals in other positions in high-tech companies who, as part of their work, are responsible also for product management areas (for example, organizational marketing, sales, strategic development, etc.).

To attend Workshop: Product & Requirements Management requires a level of English proficiency not lower than Intermediate.

About speakers:


The course is built upon 5 full days covering the overall product management domain and the requirements management workshop. Following the 5 days agenda.

Day 1 – 3

• Market realities

• Product management domain

• Roles and Goals

• The methodology:
– Market & sales analysis
– Competitive analysis and product comparison
– Business case
– Market requirements & use cases
– Solution & Product definition
– Product requirements
– Product roadmap
– Business case
– Market plan
– Roll-out process
– Change management
– Working with R&D (covering Agile, WF and other development methodologies)
– Seminars & tradeshows
– Training & knowledge transfer
– Working with sales
– Win/loss analysis
– Working with customers – “the voice of the customer”

• Building product strategy
• Product planning process

This part is a hands-on workshop covering the entire domain of requirements management.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Understanding customer’s needs & managing requirements
  • Requirements management tools
  • Writing good requirements
  • Based on real product story, the students will define and build the following elements:
    – Market / customers’ needs
    – Market requirements & prioritization
    – Product requirements and prioritization


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